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Our Story

The founders of Trinkets London grew up in cultures where mothers would pass down their gold to their daughters. This heirloom element, along with their incomplete jewellery collection inspired the making of Trinkets London.

As a fourth-generation jeweller of Indian heritage, Radhika grew up appreciating the beauty of jewellery in both business and her personal life. She experienced first-hand not to underestimate the power of jewellery; personal jewellery affects mood and helps to boost confidence. Gemstones and statement gold pieces make up her jewellery collection, along with her first-ever customised gold pieces.

“Jewellery is an artistic tool used for self-expression.” - Radhika Parekh, co-founder

Co-founder Radhika saw the heightened need for responsible jewellery, as the precious metal mining industry in her homeland, India, is destructive; it displaces communities, pollutes and causes harm to workers. Health and environmental damages of silver and gold mining led her to look at ways to create quality jewellery that is both kind to the environment and the people involved.

Samia grew up seeing traditional jewellery pieces as an integral part of her Somali culture where women would wear gold as a form of self-expression and status. Her goal with Trinkets London is to create collections of designs that stand the test of time and continue to innovate a growing community.

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